Foundation Team

Peace & Reconciliation Network Foundation

The world needs people who are committed to a respectful, peaceful and reconciled living together of people across national, ethnic and religious borders. Such people have joined hands in the Network for Peace and Reconciliation.

In order for these people to be able to do their work, they need not only a heart for the cause and extraordinary personal commitment, but also a solid financial basis. These people are responsible for this heartfelt and extraordinary commitment themselves. However, so that they do not have to worry about the financial means necessary for their projects and work, there are the Peace & Reconciliation Network Foundations. They collect and administer donations so that no one gets stuck in their good intentions towards peace and reconciliation, but that this intention can be realized again and again.

Will you get involved and can you support this ministry with a one-time – or even regular – financial contribution? Thank you very much in advance! More payment information is available via the Donate button.

The German Foundation

has the legal form of a registered association. The foundation is recognized as a non-profit organization and in accordance with the notice of exemption from the Finanzamt Augsburg-Stadt, dated December 18, 2023, the foundation is allowed to issue donation receipts for supporters from Germany.

This Foundation is represented by Eberhard Jung (Chairman) and Rebekka Englert (Coordinator for Strategy and Development).

The Moldovian Foundation

is registered as Public Association, which means NGO (not-for-profit) and is similar to the German foundation by its constitution and rights. PRN Moldova has 3 founders (citizens of Moldova) plus 3 board members (2 of them are members of PRNF Germany).

PRN in Moldova has legal rights to accept funds from Moldova as well as from abroad and the rights to distribute funds both in Moldova and in countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. PRN Moldova is represented by its president (chairman) Dr. Vladimir Ubeivolc, who will gladly answer your potential questions.