Eberhard Jung

Eberhard Jung

Eberhard grew up in a Christian home in Siegen, Germany. Since his youth, he has tried (with trial and error) to live as an "ambassador of reconciliation" so that other people can be reconciled with God.

After a commercial apprenticeship, he studied Protestant theology in Wuppertal and Munich. As a self-employed and internationally active executive consultant, he has been accompanying and advising mainly board members and managing directors in many countries in all questions of self-management, leadership, team development and corporate culture for since 1994.

His vision is that churches in every village and town become centers of peace and reconciliation. That is why he also leads the task force for peace and reconciliation within the Evangelical Alliance in Germany. Also, he has been an elder of the Free Evangelical Church Augsburg-Mitte for many years where he has lived since his marriage to Christa in 1983. Together they have two wonderful daughters.

Eberhard is active in the Network for Peace and Reconciliation since 2018. As coordinator of the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) he is responsible for the development and advancement of peace and reconciliation sevices in this region.

Last but not least, Eberhard is Chairman of the German Peace & Reconciliation Network Foundation e.V. and Board Member of the Moldovian Peace & Reconciliation Network Foundation.

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