Vision & Mission
We envision a world living in peace, reconciled in Jesus Christ.

Vision & Mission

We envision a world living in peace, reconciled in Jesus Christ.

We inspire and equip the church and people of peace to enable communities to live life in all its fullness.

An International Network for Peacebuilding

As a commission of the worldwide movement of about 650 million Evangelical Christians, we work in 136 countries and all continents of the world. We encourage, motivate and train Christian believers and everyone interested to fulfill their calling to be peacebuilders, supporting such initiatives in their respective local communities and beyond.

Our philosophy of ministry Or How we do it

We are an international network aiming towards peace and reconciliation, a commission of the global World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) that is active in 136 countries and on all continents.

We apply the TRAIN strategy in all our work: equipping believers for building peace, initiating processes of reconciliation with them, facilitating and assisting in conflict transformation activities, and providing a broad network of knowledge, wisdom and support.

Our latest News and Articles

Leading through chaos – the Jesus way

Portuguese, Dutch, British, Che’ Guevara, Tamil Tigers, political opportunists and religious extremists – you name it, Sri Lanka has experienced its share of violence from these various groups spread over many centuries. A small island, one would think would not attract any attention from the rest of the world. It has no oil, little natural...

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