Yulia Ubeivolc

Yulia Ubeivolc

Yulia started out more than twenty years ago teaching teenagers in Moldovian schools about unwanted pregnancies and the like. She holds degrees in theology (BTh) and psychology (MPs) and is certified as Psychologist, Art Therapist, Counselor, Lecturer, Trainer and the author of a book on Christian Counseling plus a few articles. She is the Co-Founder and vice-president of the reconciliation centre “Beginning of Life” in Chishinau, a Christian NGO that cares especially about youth and women. She is married to Vladimir and together they raised their daughter Ana.

Yulia's heart reaches out to the less privileged, caring for their lives to breathe reconciliation both with their oftentimes distorted past and with their present relationships. She has not only travelled her own country in order to train pastors and professionals in this ministry but teaches on restoration and reconciliation from Seattle to Samarkand – if not in live sessions, then online. 

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