Salim Munayer

Salim Munayer

Dr. Salim J. Munayer has just accepted the appointment as Regional Hub Coordinator of the Middle East and North Africa region for the Peace and Reconciliation Network (PRN) of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA).

Born to a Palestinian Christian family in the city of Lydda, Dr. Munayer interacted with the different Jewish, Christian and Muslim populations from a very young age. Following his diverse childhood and academic studies in theology, he founded Musalaha (‘reconciliation’ in Arabic) in 1990—an organization promoting, teaching, and facilitating reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. Dr. Munayer continues to serve as director for more than 30 years and also works as an adjunct Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, at Pepperdine University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Bethlehem Bible College. To this new appointment with PRN, Salim brings with him a wealth of practical and academic expertise in reconciliation, peace, contextual theology, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and interreligious dialogue. Over his 30 years of work in the field, he has trained thousands of Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals in reconciliation and is happy to continue to do so.

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