Martin Kapenda

Martin Kapenda

Martin is the National Coordinator of Micah Zambia which is part of Micah Global. He holds a Master’s degree in Development studies from the University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa and another Master’s Degree in African Theology from the University of Natal. He also serves on the Renew Our World Global Campaign Leadership Team and is a Member of the World Evangelical Alliance Taskforce on Human Trafficking. Martin also sits on the Board of Forgotten Voices Board and is part of the leadership of Tehila Zambia, a child protection organization. He has also taught at the Evangelical University as an adjunct faculty member. He is Married to Mable and they have two teenage children.

What Motivates Martin?

The African continent has witnessed multi layered forms of violence which include ethnic tensions, political conflicts and religious conflicts. These different forms of violence have led to war, domestic and national conflicts and widespread misunderstandings. Martin believes that the church in Africa is well positioned to facilitate peace building efforts at both local and national levels. It is for this reason that Martin is excited about PRN which he sees as potential platform for the church, organizations and individuals concerned about peace and reconciliation to come together to realizing a just society.  


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