Manuel Böhm

Manuel Böhm

Manuel Böhm (MA) is an ordained Pastor in the Evangelical Free Churches in Germany and has been working for the Peace and Reconciliation Network (a commission of the World Evangelical Alliance) since its beginning in 2016. He holds a Master in Evangelical Theology and started his journey of a PhD at the University of Pretoria, South Africa to research network leadership.

Through networking and travelling, he has experience with intercultural faith communities in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. His focus is on expanding the network of local peacemakers in faith communities to enable better knowledge and resource sharing globally, and is interested in the links between faith and community development. 

Within the broader work of the World Evangelical Alliance, Manuel often responded to global crisis to establish first collaboration efforts of local churches, global mission and development agencies, and other experts of the required expertise, and provided resources for those agents like during the Covid-pandemic or for a joint response to the war in Ukraine.

Manuel lives in Canada together with his wife Jeanette and their newborn daughter, both are pursuing to be reconciling neighbors in their local community and inspire others to be reconciling disciples of Jesus. In his local rural community, Manuel joined the volunteer fire department.

Manuel co-edited the book Ambassadors of Reconciliation – God’s Mission through Missions for All and wrote articles on reconciliation, the work of the church in healing and restoration and conflict situations:

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