Joel Zantingh

Joel Zantingh

Joel is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Missionary Church in Canada, where he has served in local, national, and global roles. He is passionate about following Jesus and participating with the global church in God’s mission. He has a B.Th. in Pastoral Ministries and an M.A. in Global Leadership. This co-vocational role also allows him to pursue his Doctorate [Full bio at]. 

Joel’s interest in reconciliation and peacemaking was accelerated early in his pastoral work, and in participation in some historic meetings between Black and Afrikaans evangelical pastors in South Africa in 1998. His global experience has deepened his focus on a global mission that is both mutual in relationship, and holistic in focus. His desire is to invite others to journey patiently in the long, ongoing work of reconciliation. It is foundational to the whole of the Church’s participation in God’s mission and aligned with Lausanne's holistic framework of Integral Mission. His networking and listening skills will support this role which will link resources and initiatives, with individual followers of Jesus and churches ready to deepen their involvement in seeking a world living in peace, reconciled through Christ Jesus.

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