Chris Pullenayegem

Director - Migration and Refugee Network 

Peace and Reconciliation Network
World Evangelical Alliance

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141 Bernard Ave, Richmond Hill,
ON, L4C 9Z6, Canada

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Chris Pullenayegem

Chris is academically qualified in law (specializing in refugee and Immigration law and policy), psychology, leading change and innovation and in adult education. He grew up in a multi-religious and multi-ethic context among communities fractured along these lines. Chris now lives in Canada with his family and is part of a group of expatriates with interest in reconciliation, which led him to focus on forgiveness as a key to reconciliation and develop curriculum to assist communities to explore this theme in depth. 

His interest in inter-faith work motivated him to lead an Ontario inter-faith coalition on social reform for a while.  He is a trainer in cross-cultural competencies and multi-faith awareness and is a keen observer of people movements. Chris is a practitioner-leader committed to a holistic kingdom approach to ministry, integrating faith, justice and compassion in contextualized, incarnational ways. He has decades of experience working with in areas relating to church renewal, new ministry development and discipleship/faith formation. He has lots of experience in leading startups/new initiatives and brings passion, innovation, people skills and sound strategy to help them grow. Chris finds recreation in music, wood-working and outdoor activities.

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