Building a School for Peacemaker Training
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School 4 Peacemakers

The block we are currently building will have a lower part and upper level. We are only constructing the lower part which has 6 rooms (for 2 to 4 people each), and 2 dormitories, one for men and one for women (for 6 to 8 people each).

This first phase will give us a usable building that can host between 30 and 35 people, which can also allow us to run the next ISOR in February on site instead of putting them in small houses that we rent close to the site and loose the dynamics therefore. We are hoping that by August to December we will be able to build the upper block that can take the same number of people and with God’s help, we will be able to then host people in the 2nd and 3rd  floor.

We are hoping to get the accommodation completed by July. This will change the whole ministry because we will be able to accommodate not only our own groups but also other groups. The total budget of the lower part is 77.000,00 $,  We already got around 40.000,00 $ and are working to raise around 30.000,00 $ from friends.

In the future we will build another dormatory and a big multi purpose hall that will generate income and another hall that will be the reconciliation museum in which we will exhibit all the art crafts, DVDS,  books, database etc. of all the present (organisations, methods,...) reconciliation in Rwanda and the region.

Additionally, the community is benefitting as about 40 men and women work on the site. With the money they receive, they can send their children to school and buy medical insurance for the whole year. This center has already been a blessing to this community because we have recruited 3 watchmen, and some provide casual labor to work on the farm. The policy is that we will continue to buy food supplies, and other items from the local market so as to increase the welfare.